Thought Leaders

The SAP Academy for Engineering is pleased to announce our amazing lineup of speakers for the 2019-20 season. We have hand-picked some of the most accomplished thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences with our engineers. Join thought leaders for a 90 minute conversation hosted by our Multi-Dimensional Engineers

Vint Cerf

Father of the Internet

Lorien Pratt

Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Quantellia

Philip Zimbardo

Professor of Psychology

Jane Chen

Co-Founder of Embrace

Chade-Meng Tan

Jolly Good Fellow from Google

Nipun Mehta

Founder of

Alex Lamb

Science Fiction Writer and Engineer

Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathon Runner

Jamil Zaki

Associate Professor, Psychology

Huggy Rao

Professor of Sociology

Prasad Ram

Founder and CEO of Gooru

John Danner

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Leadership Expert

Gary Zukav

Bestselling Author

Kyle Hultman

Chaos Engineering Expert at Gremlin

Tamim Ansary


Leslie Berlin

Author and Historian

Sujit Saraf

Engineer and Theater Director

2019 Academy Faculty

We are a program by Engineers, for Engineers. At the SAP Academy for Engineering, we have assembled a group of experts to lead you on the journey to becoming a Multi-Dimensional Engineer. The faculty will conduct and assess sessions on specific topics for at least one week

Thomas Jung


Pradeep Shankara

SAP Cloud Platform

Isabel Ostermeier

UX and SAP Fiori

Prashanth Adhikari

Machine Learning

Manfred Mensch

Performance and Unit Economics

Jayanth Bagare

Unit Economics

Rich Heilman


Prashant Dalal

Basic Fundamentals

Rana Chakrabarti

Design Led Approach

Core Team

The SAP Academy for Engineering core team is responsible for the design, curation and overall experience of the entire program

Ferose V.R.

Head of the SAP Academy for Engineering

Arun Sreekumar

Chief of Staff

Annie Hayward

COO and Experience Lead

Denise Barnes

Business Assistant

Kathrin Heyd

Location Lead, Germany

Jayanth Bagare

Curriculum Lead, Faculty

Prashant Dalal

Lead Technologist, Faculty

Rana Chakrabarti

Design Lead, Faculty

Bharath Prasad

Technologist, Faculty

Megan Peiffer

HR Business Partner

Lauren Tsukamoto


Lyana Roslan


Lori Fraser

Marketing/Communications Lead

Isobel Geronimo

Senior Operations Specialist