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Welcome to the Academy

Meet The Team

Our team is responsible for the curation, design, execution, and overall experience of all our programs.

Ferose VR

SVP, Head of SAP Academy for Engineering

Rana Chakrabarti

Experience & Design Lead

Emma Weisberg

Front Office & Operations

Arun Sreekumar

COO & Chief of Staff

Kerstin Verzano

Program Lead Europe

Prashant Dalal

Program & Tech Lead MDEP-CE

Venkatraman L

Program Management

Syed Taha


Denise Runcorn

Operations Lead

Jayanth Bagare

Academics Lead

Tanya Pradhan

Communication & Visual Design Lead

Poorna Shivaprakasha

PMO Lead | People & Analytics

Rosna Cherian


Our Core Values

Courage, curiosity, compassion, community, and craftsmanship represent our guiding stars. They embody our history as a company and our thesis for change.



SAP's legacy is one of fine craftsmanship. For fifty years our customers have stood by us because we build software with the same attention to detail and performance as German cars. Enterprise software is unlike other business software. You cannot undo mission-critical processes. We pride ourselves in crafting software that your can bet your company on.



SAP is now a company of 110,000+ employees, numerous acquisitions, and at a point where it needs to prove itself to the market, yet again. In this environment, our engineers have the responsibility to have the courage of their convictions, speak truth to power, and take on complexity where they see it. This takes courage. We look for and shape professionals who show signs of this trait.



New technologies and languages are arriving at an ever-increasing pace. Companies are in a perpetual state of reorganization to remain competitive. Technology landscapes are constantly evolving. To remain relevant and competitive in such a market asks all of us to become lifelong learners, fueled by one's deep curiosity. We look for and shape professionals who show signs of this trait.



We live in times of continuous and accelerating change. Compassion is a competitive advantage in these times. Companies that prioritize empathy and compassion create conditions for psychological safety, which is strongly correlated with innovation and risk-taking. We look for and shape professionals who show signs of this trait.



We operate on the principles of social change, where new behaviors start with one person and ripples out from there, touching everyone around them. Each graduate from the SAP Academy for Engineering has the responsibility of being his or her own epicenter of change. As we increase the density of these agents of change, we believe we will arrive at a tipping point from where there is no turning back. We look for and shape professionals who enjoy giving back and commit time to it.

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Our Location

San Ramon Bay Area/Silicon Valley City, California

Getting There

Our Address

3001 Bishop Dr

Suite #200

San Ramon, CA 94583

Phone: +1-925-236-5000