Welcome to a world-class experience for engineers, visionaries, innovators and leaders at SAP.

The Multi-Dimensional Engineer Program

This three-month program spanning across the Silicon Valley and your home location will immerse you in new ways of thinking and new perspectives that will help transform yourself into Multi-Dimensional Engineers.


The curriculum for the Multi-Dimensional Engineer Program spans across multiple technology stacks to teach how to embrace Chaos Engineering, learn a Design Led Approach to User Experience, work under real-world constraints, and create solutions to real business problems.


Learn SAP HANA Service on SAP Cloud Platform in Cloud Foundry, develop a multi-target application using SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.

SAP Cloud Platform

Learn about platform fundamentals about SAP Cloud Platform – Cloud Foundry, register for a trial account, and get to know the lay of the land. You'll also deploy your very first app.

User Experience and User Interface

Learn about how to understand your users, apply UX techniques to reach best user experience for your application, develop a simple UI5 web app and deploy it to the cloud.

Machine Learning

Learn just enough Machine Learning theory to apply them to real world problems. With Machine Learning, you can effectively solve real business problems with data available at SAP.


Learn how to balance the user’s focus on short end-to-end response times with the operator’s interest to maximize throughput and concurrency and to minimize resource consumption and TCO.

Unit Economics

A critical aspect of being on the cloud is to ensure your solution is cost-optimized for operations. We discuss how to choose the various components during development, to optimize the cost of operations.

Products of SAP – Overview

Understanding the history and functionality of SAP products is crucial to building the future.

ABAP and SAP S/4

Hone your SAP ABAP expertise for use across the various SAP products.