Hear what people are saying about the SAP Academy for Engineering

The MDE program was a great success. When I first met the colleagues [engineers] from the Academy a few months ago, I feel that they have already changed their way of thinking, not only from a technical perspective, but also from a business perspective.

Ruicheng LiManaging Director, SAP Labs, China

Since the Academy, I’ve become MORE CONFIDENT in speaking out and speaking my mind when asked.

Michelle MoudySAP Labs, US

Since the Academy, I’ve started ASKING ‘WHY’ and getting good answers. Now that I know why I am working on something it makes it easier for me to get into the User’s shoes.

Shravan HulyalkarSAP Labs, US

Since the Academy, I’m more engaged with the CORE BUSINESS.
I make proposals with FIRST PRINCIPLE THINKING and build community.

Mark MaSAP Labs, China

Since the Academy, I’ve realized Diversity helps you identify risks, have more creative ideas, and have a better image of your final customer.

Gabriel MohitaSAP Labs, Brazil

Since the Academy, I’m using the learning of how to DEFINE PROBLEMS – find the user first, then the problem, then the solution.

Nitin SarohaSAP Labs, US

Since the Academy, I am more CURIOUS and question why when I need more clarity. I’m able to UNDERSTAND MORE about SAP and the different Board Areas.

Bronson MendocaSAP Labs, India