Academy Offerings

Multi-Dimensional Engineer Program

Our flagship six-month immersive program, focusing on creating future-ready engineers who will inspire engineering culture change

Global Architect Workshop

For senior architects that provides insights into future customer processes and challenges, along with real case studies driven by customers and partners

Multi-Dimensional Manager Growth Program

An action-based program designed to help early-stage managers achieve team excellence through inner mastery of empathy and leadership to create outer impact

Code to Success Series

A unique thought leadership micro-learning series designed to inspire all, delivered by world-renowned speakers, technologists, authors, and academia

Multi-Dimensional Engineer Program

A six-month program spanning across the Silicon Valley and your home location will immerse you in new ways of thinking and new perspectives that will help transform you into a Multi-Dimensional Engineer(MDE). The MDE program experience is multi-layered and builds on multi-disciplinary competencies that enables engineers to go beyond code

Are You Ready to be a Multi-Dimensional Engineer?


An Experience Like No Other!


Technical Curriculum

Learn about current and future engineering best practices

Soft skills curriculum

Expand beyond the technology stack to encourage social science-based thinking


Experience the real-world through project work, thought leadership sessions, and extracurricular activities

Growth Mindset

Inform all we do through are our five core values – the Five C’s

Technical Curriculum


Learn SAP HANA Service on SAP Cloud Platform in Cloud Foundry

SAP Cloud Platform

Learn about platform fundamentals about SAP Cloud Platform in Cloud Foundry, learn to build & deploy a Microservice on SCP

UX and User Interface

Learn about how to understand your user, apply UX techniques, develop and deploy UI5 web application to the cloud

Machine Learning

Learn just enough Machine Learning theory to apply them to real world problems

Products of SAP – Overview

Understand the history and functionality of SAP products


Learn how to balance the user’s focus on short end-to-end response times with the operator’s interest

Unit Economics

Learn how to choose the various components during development, to optimize the cost of operations

ABAP and SAP S/4

Hone your SAP ABAP expertise for use across the various SAP products

Soft skills Curriculum

Fluid Intelligence

Develop a growth mindset through cognitive dissonance

Compassionate Communication

Stay in the loop of emphatic communication

Improvisational Leadership

Shift state to right brained thinking and get into flow

Storytelling for Data
(and you)

Learn how to craft narrative and mine your life for stories


Develop multi-dimensional capacities by moving through the fear zone

Growth Mindset


Empower yourself with the elite global network of accomplished participants and alumni


Experience real-world constraints and chaos engineering


Learn to go beyond coding and obtain a multi-dimensional world view


Embrace the culture of open critique


Understand others through empathy, and build lasting connections

An integrated learning experience

Global Architect Workshop

A nomination-only workshop designed specifically for our
most experienced architects


Work on a real-life customer challenge with a customer and demo your project to senior leadership

Work closely with customers, partners and thought-leaders

Learn from experienced experts who present the architecture of key SAP products, as well as the competitive landscape and key market factors

Make use of ample opportunities to try out new forms of virtual networking and group work to grow your network

Multi-Dimensional Manager Growth Program

A 6-month virtual program designed to help early-stage managers develop their authentic leadership through inner mastery of empathy and trust

An integrated learning experience


Unique action-based learning model focused on building managerial muscle-memory

World-class faculty at the cutting-edge of empathy and leadership practices

Multiple modes of learning: instruction, role plays, missions, inspirational talks and peer stories

Leave with a support group, growth report and firm foundation for lifelong learning

Get inspired to go beyond code, be curious, show compassion, demonstrate courage, and build strong and inclusive communities!



Code to Success Series

A comprehensive thought leadership series designed exclusively for SAP's engineering community. You will have access to our extensive network of influencers, technologist, best-selling authors, academia and business thought leaders