SAP Academy for Engineering Core Team

The SAP Academy for Engineering core team is responsible for the design, curation and overall experience of the entire program

Ferose V.R.

Head of the SAP Academy for Engineering

Arun Sreekumar

Chief of Staff

Denise Barnes

Business Assistant

Annie Hayward

COO and Experience Lead

Kathrin Heyd

People Lead

Lauren Tsukamoto


Lyana Roslan


Lori Fraser

Marketing/Communications Lead

Isobel Geronimo

Senior Operations Specialist

Megan Peiffer

HR Business Partner

Jayanth Bagare

Curriculum Lead, Faculty

Prashant Dalal

Lead Technologist, Faculty

Rana Chakrabarti

Design Lead, Faculty

Bharath Prasad

Technologist, Faculty

Venkatraman L

Technologist, Faculty

Poorna Shivaprakasha

Talent Acquisition

Marco Oliveira

Technologist, Faculty

Come Join Us

We think of the Academy as a container for world-class faculty. We are looking for the best technical and non-technical educators inside and outside SAP and will make them shine. 
Here’s what we look for in our partners
  • Givers: you have a generosity DNA and enjoy giving.
  • Storyteller: you know how to make a tough topic engaging and can hold interest.
  • Mentor: you are open to staying connected with your students beyond your slot.
  • Expert: you are acknowledged as an expert in your field.
Opportunities: If this excites you, here are the opportunities we currently have available.


If you have graduated from an accredited University within the past 6 months and want to kick-start your career while making a difference, we invite you to apply to SAP as engineer! Click here to find a matching job. Once at SAP, you’ll be invited to apply and have the chance to join the SAP Academy for Engineering in your first 3 years at SAP!
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